Project Description

The CryoCube FC660 provides increased energy efficiency and ease of use in a large capacity chest freezer. The new high efficiency fan and compressor decrease both power consumption and noise. Premium Eppendorf manufacturing means long-term reliability and dependability. The CryoCube FC660h delivers the high-capacity of the FC660 with further increased energy efficiency. The CryoCube FC660h is the eco-friendly solution in chest freezer technology.

The CryoCube FC660 is designed for increased energy efficiency and ease of use. New high efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser decrease power consumption.

The CryoCube FC660h further improves energy efficiency. It combines all the power-saving technology of the FC660 with additional vacuum insulated panels. It provides the same sample security and ease of use with even less power consumption. The CryoCube FC660h is more environmentally friendly, but built with the same dependable Eppendorf quality.

  • Premium seals for optimal uniformity.
  • New automatic vent port on front door improves energy consumption and uniformity while providing easier access inside.
  • Additional vacuum insulated panels on the CryoCube F570h and FC660h.
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