Biostore UK offer a storage only service. Clients can arrange for shipment and collection of their materials using their own courier service. Communication is vital to assure the shipping agent arrives at the pre arranged time.

Biostore UK can accept no liability for materials until it has been received at our facility. On receipt shipping temperature will be verified against the Sample Transfer Protocol (STP). Any out of specification will be immediately notified to the client. Samples will be verified against the STP inventory and then stored as appropriate. The full details and precise locations will be entered on the item tracker database.

Biostore UK provide service(s) tailored to meet our clients precise requirements:

  • Storage of materials at specified temperature range(s).
  • Shipping to and from our facility.
  • Supply a wide range of labells suitable for extreme environments.
  • Biostore UK use market leading Pharmagraph CFR21 part 11 compliant software with Eltek Gen II wireless transmitters to monitor and record all equipment data.

At Biostore UK we will ensure simple clear documentation so that everyone involved understands the service(s) being delivered.

  • WalkIn Rooms BioStore UK

Biostore UK walk-in minus 20oC freezer.


Samples stored at low temperatures need to be labeled using materials which can stand up to the rigors of temperature change and high moisture levels, those received at Biostore UK can be  given a new label before storage. At Biostore UK we use a clear over label so as not to obscure your sample identity. The clear label has a white tag on which the necessary details are applied. We have an in-house labelling system which ensures the identity of a sample is never lost. Whether a single cryo vial or several thousand samples, the integrity of the samples identity is assured.


All equipment in use at Biostore UK is continuously monitored for temperature, door openings and remote alarm relays where fitted. Data is monitored and should an alarm condition occur, there is local notification to the on-call engineer, staff on-site and SMS texting to the staff responsible for the unit. Biostore UK take any deviation in temperature very seriously and will ensure clients are kept informed of any potential and significant temperature excursions as per client contract agreement. Biostore UK use market leading Pharmagraph CFR21 part 11 compliant software with Eltek Gen II wireless transmitters to monitor and record all equipment data. To assure disaster prevention Biostore UK has on-site electricity generation as backup to mains power failure.


Biostore UK offers clients the opportunity to clear down their stored material and remove items that are no longer required. Biostore UK provides a safe and well managed route to sample destruction. This is a service reserved for storage client’s only. If you store your samples with us we can manage your storage space optimising what is available to you. We have a robust destruction procedure and operate only on explicit client instruction. All material is destroyed and disposed off through a licensed operation which is an industry leading reputation for its work.



Samples recieved at Biostore UK can be given a new label before storage.



Temperature data is monitored and alarmed so your samples are secure.



We offer clients a safe and well managed route to sample destruction.

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We make use of several ways to contact us from phone, email and social media. Please feel free to use any of these however we do prefer a direct phone call to our friendly office staff. Biostore UK staff are all highly trained to be able to satisfy your queries, help you understand our services and help you get started.

We are open to all durations of storage: get in touch to ask us about your specific storage requirements.

We can provide local transport to location within Scotland using our company vehicles depending on your sample types. We can also arrange logistics and importation services for your samples or materials depending on their given requirements and environmental criteria.

Biostore UK is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Visit our accreditations page to review our certificates or get in touch to learn even more.

We accept all manner of electronic transfers using the BCAS system. Please contact us to confirm any payments that maybe made outside of the UK and not with pounds sterling.