The Eppendorf Innova U360 ULT freezer fits into the niche in your lab. A combined insulation based on vacuum insulation panels and polyurethane foam enables low energy consumption and provides superior protection for your critical samples.

  • Vacuum insulation panels allow for increased internal capacity with the same footprint as traditionally foamed freezers.

  • Inner doors are gasketed as well as insulated creating 3 separate compartments minimizing cold air loss while you access your samples.

  • Easy-to-read, eye level, flush mounted LED control panel and alarm status.

  • Each shelf is adjustable in height for additional storage flexibility.

  • Special vacuum vent with plunger ergonomically located at waist level to gain immediate access to your freezer.

  • Inner doors can be quickly removed without the need for tools for easier and faster defrosting.

  • Full stainless steel interior for easy cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles; powder-coated steel exterior.

  • Special low-temperature outer door seals allow gaskets to remain flexible at –86 °C and prevent ice buildup for easy access to samples.

  • Password protection of alarm and temperature setpoints to prevent unauthorized setting changes.