The HEF and Green Freezers are one of the industry leaders in hydrocarbon based freezers and are one of the most energy-efficient ULT freezers on the market. They reduce energy consumption by up to 25 % compared to our already energy-saving Innova and Premium models. Safely store your samples while saving operating expense and being good to the environment. The four models offered are HEF C660, HEF U410, HEF U570 and U725-G.

Ultra-Low freezers are traditionally high energy consumers because they work hard to maintain extremely low temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Up until recently, there has never been a greater focus to go green in the lab environment. Optimise your energy consumption by choosing an Eppendorf HEF Freezer.

  • Capacity: 410 L, up to 240 boxes or 24,000 samples.
  • Achieves energy savings through use of a 130 mm-thick layer of insulation, composed of traditional insulation, Vacuum Insulation Panels and Vacupor NT™ technology.
  • Efficient compressor control system reduces cycle times to lower energy consumption and increases freezer longevity.