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Eppendorf / New Brunswick HEF Chest Freezer C660


The large-capacity HEF C660 is one of the most energy efficient, eco-friendly chest freezers available on the market today. It is identical to the New Brunswick Premium C660, except that it further reduces energy consumption by approximately 25 %. HEF Freezers minimise operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. They reduce [...]

Eppendorf / New Brunswick Green and HEF Upright Freezers


The HEF and Green Freezers are one of the industry leaders in hydrocarbon based freezers and are one of the most energy-efficient ULT freezers on the market. They reduce energy consumption by up to 25 % compared to our already energy-saving Innova and Premium models. Safely store your samples while saving operating expense and being [...]

Eppendorf / New Brunswick Premium Upright Freezers


Premium freezers are the original benchmark for top quality ultra low temperature freezers. They provide many of the same features as our Innova models but are conventionally insulated for an cost effective alternative. CO2 and LN2 back-up systems, racking, and more are available. Unique vacuum vent with plunger ergonomically located at waist level to gain immediate [...]

Eppendorf / New Brunswick Innova Chest Freezers


The Innova C585 and Innova C760 chest freezers combine high efficiency and superior capacity with ergonomic operation while maintaining the reputation of long-term durability and quality construction. They have not only a space-saving design but also provide excellent energy efficiency. Space-saving Innova freezers utilize vacuum insulation panel technology to reduce wall thickness resulting in [...]

Eppendorf / New Brunswick Innova Upright Freezers


Innova Freezers set the standard for maximizing sample storage capacity. The Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) are extremely efficient and very compact. When used in combination with traditional insulation, the freezer wall thickness is reduced from 130 mm to 80 mm. These models are ideal for labs short on space. Provides 30 % more storage capacity [...]

CryoCube Chest Freezers


The CryoCube FC660 provides increased energy efficiency and ease of use in a large capacity chest freezer. The new high efficiency fan and compressor decrease both power consumption and noise. Premium Eppendorf manufacturing means long-term reliability and dependability. The CryoCube FC660h delivers the high-capacity of the FC660 with further increased energy efficiency. The CryoCube [...]

CryoCube Ultra-low Temperature Freezers


The new CryoCube Ultra-low Temperature Freezers from Eppendorf combine maximum sample security with increased energy efficiency. New vent, compressor, condenser, and fan technology decrease power consumption. A more ergonomic handle makes CryoCube freezers easier to use. Eppendorf quality means years of trouble free operation, trusted sample security, and excellent energy efficiency. The CryoCube F570 [...]

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